Delicious Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe

Dutch oven Chicken Wing Recipe

Fine hot wings can satisfy me up. It’s not merely for the sport on TV or a side meal anymore. So if you crave for super soft, drop-off-the-bone chicken wings, make them in the Dutch oven with this Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe and you’re off to peppery paradise.

Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe

Dutch oven Chicken Wings Recipe-The Idea of Using a Dutch oven:

I’m a chicken wing enthusiastic. There are so many impressive wings venues around! I wish I could appraise them all. Probably I’ve bumped into a few, but the huge bulk only provides fried wings. You can occasionally find them grilled and that is majestic. But I not ever find them oven baked. Thus, I’ll simply have to have oven baked chicken wings at my own place. So here is the whole Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe using a Dutch oven.

Chicken Wings Ingredients:

  1. Six or twelve chicken wings
  2. Two tbsp. vegetable oil or bacon oil.
  3. One paper sack.
  4. Your preferred seasoning.

Dutch oven Chicken Wings Recipe- Special Sauce Ingredients:

  1. Quarter cup soy sauce.
  2. Half cup sugar.
  3. Half cup vinegar.
  4. Quarter cup water.
  5. One cup barbecue sauce.

Dutch oven Chicken Wings Recipe Instructions:

Step 1

First of all, hold the Paper bag, then insert in the flour along with the seasoning. Next, include the chicken wings. Also, try to put a few at a time. Next mix them in the wrap so the spiced flour well shells them. Together with a set of pincers, take away chicken from the bag and get rid of the additional flour.  Now do again until all wings are coated.

Step 2

Warm the Dutch oven on average high and tote up bacon oil or vegetable oil. As soon as it’s hot, turn all wings brown, 1 layer at a time up until each of them are brown. You could stack them on 1 side of the oven or get another oven so that you could preserve them warm on a distinct burner.

Step 3

As soon as the wings are entirely brown, place them in the Dutch oven in sheets. Also, be certain that there is 1/4″ of lubricant on the base of the oven since you don’t want the sauce to be red-hot. This is the most crucial part of this whole Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe. Finally, sheet down the special sauce.

Step 4

AT HOME: Place the Dutch oven on the stove with the top on and bake at three-hundred degrees for forty-five minutes or until soften to the fork. Be sure not to overcook them or they will break up. They would still feel great but are solid to give a ride to.

IN THE OPEN AIR: Be certain to have the maximum of heat on the upper. As well, be sure to the mixture the wings almost every ten minutes to make sure smooth cooking.

Step 5

Mix all together in a huge cup or container to pour over wings. Mix two tbsp. of Tabasco sauce.


This brings us to the end of our Dutch Oven Chicken Wings Recipe. Dish up the mouthwatering meal with your desired dipping sauce, like ranch or blue cheese vinaigrette!

To make this recipe we used Staub 5 1/2-Qt. Round Dutch Oven. Check its  Review we covered by clicking here.

   Staub Dutch Oven Review

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